Prana Bar Menu

by the bite

Soy sweet chili glazed chicken wings  11
Vegetable fries with a flight of dipping sauces   8
poutine style with mozzarella and Jamaican Jerk gravy 12
Toasted sesame chicken poppers with a pickled miso cream cheese filling 11
Grilled wild mushroom polenta with toasted fennel and house-made mozzarella 11
Piccola delizia – Mini cheddar potato puffs dusted with smoke 6

in a bowl

Arugula salad with honey-poached pear, shaved cheddar, sweet pickle cherries, and red onion 11
Crispy trout & grilled romaine & focaccia salad with shaved manchego and a chipotle Caesar dressing 15
Braised beef rice bowl with roasted daikon, bok choy, sriracha soy soft boiled egg 24
Fried chicken rice bowl served with sautéed and pickled veg 24
RamenNori slow roasted pork, sweet soy broth, smoked soft boiled egg, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms 24
Thai-style ramen with shredded chicken, toasted peanuts, bell peppers, and sprouts 22

on a crust

Lemon dill trout taco with vegetable escabeche, topped with TNT aioli 14
Pumpkin Duck steamed buns with a pickled butternut miso honey mustard sauce   sm 16    lrg  24
Banh mi shredded pork, pickled veg, cilantro, herb mayo, bean sprouts
Butternut and pulled chicken pizza with cheddar and  Brussel sprouts on a rosemary & roasted garlic crust finished with sage smoke  14

Sides and Snacks

Sushi rice 5
Roasted mushrooms 7
Roasted daikon 7
Soy srriacha eggs 3
Smoked eggs 3
Grilled focaccia 6
Roasted brussels sprouts 6